MasZanga is a vibrant trio from Namibia who do a modern fusion of Afro Pop and traditional music, the story of MasZanga began at Paresis High School in Otjiwarongo when three childhood friends joined our school music and drama club were we began singing, dancing and mimicking songs by Namibia’s pinnacle artist professionally known as The Dogg.

Despite critical and commercial success of our debut album which was released in partnership with 777 Studios under a verbal agreement in 2012, we were plagued by internal conflict and legal turmoil which resulted in a split from our former Producer (the sole owner of 777 Studios) who pocketed 100% of our revenue obtained from live performances, CD sales and sponsorships during our affiliation. The latter also resulted in our withdrawal from the amazingly nine categories we were nominated in at the MTC Namibian Annual Music Awards 2013 after we refused to agree terms with 777 Studios who wanted to seize no less than 70% of our prize monies should we have won any category.

After years of limited success to benefit from our thriving music career, our prayers finally got answered when we signed a long term music deal with Namibia’s renowned music manager “Knowledge Ipinge” who formulated the establishment of our newly found record label “Tjaaai Entertainment” and association to the Pakamish brand to add leverage to our music career.

Our music is fresh, emotional because our songs have melodies jumping in and out of time, quickly articulated verses alternated with smooth choruses and complimented by the most happening uniquely blended beats. In most instances of MasZanga songs, each member sings one verse and chimes in at the chorus. We are at the point vocally, mentally that enables us to explore our lyrics to speak life through our music and inspire social empowerment. MasZanga is currently at a stage in our career where we seek to grow or collaborate with reputable individuals and organizations that are enthusiastic to contribute extraordinarily towards the growth of the African music industry at large.

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