Exit -The Last Supper

By: Exit

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(12 customer reviews)

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12 reviews for Exit -The Last Supper

  1. sfillemon113

    This very good and here you worked hard we appreciate on your work hard big bro exit teamrockaz

  2. untagenter10ment

    Mixture of a new sound and Rockaz flavour.
    Ondakufako embale👊

  3. brucesimataak

    Album of the year

  4. trevorpeter300

    This is fire

  5. ekandjopaxido

    Good work. Keep it up Rockaz

  6. aimushisheni

    Album of the year

  7. kawedi.peter94

    God bless you my brother ,it’s a blessing and you are a blessing too many, Jesus Christ is your help ,don’t worry what they may say, you are a blessing

  8. hangoshikongo

    This is the best album👌🏾 Loving the new style💪🏾

  9. davidmutumbulua

    Proper work keep it up!

  10. PaxTheGOAT


  11. johanneskalipi

    Keep it up boeta 🤝

  12. Pameni Haindongo

    Dopest project….

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